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Services Pricing
Women’s Shampoo Cut and Blow-Dry $50 & Up
Men’s Shampoo Cut and Blow-Dry $30 & Up
Shampoo and Blow-dry $45 & Up
Specialty Style $60 & Up
Single Process Colour $99 & Up
Quarter Set of Foils $99 & Up
Half Set of Foils $140 & Up
Half Set of Foils $140 & Up
Full Set of Foils $170 & Up
Cap Highlights $130 & Up
Perm $110 & Up


Services Pricing
30 Minutes $59
60 Minutes $89
90 Minutes $119

Cupping therapy creates local suction on the skin; opens pores releasing toxins (ie. lactic acid) as well as promotes circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage. Depending on the depth of suction as well as manipulation techniques used cupping can be used to reduce hypertonicity, spasm and tension in the superficial and deep muscle layers as well as treat myofascial restrictions and trigger points